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How to Keep Your Ranking High After Making the Front Page

By Lila Borror

By putting in time and effort, it can be easy to optimize your website for Goggle and other major search engines. After you get the ranking, the work doesn't end, as constant monitoring, tweaking and optimizing is needed to keep your rank. To assist you in doing exactly that, a few SEO maintenance tips are given below.

Know Your Competition: One of the main reasons that some websites are always ranking above the others is because they truly understand their competition. When you know how your competitor sites are going about their SEO efforts and what kind of links they're building, all it takes is beating them at their own game. It isn't really all that hard to figure out your competitors; all you need are a few basic tools to keep track of them. To use one example, the plugin "SEO Quake" (which you can use with Firefox) can tell you whatever you want to know about your competitors like the ages of their domain names, the numbers of backlinks they have coming in. The more you focus on learning about your competition, the easier it will be for you to take the right steps to maintain your rank.

Patience is Vital:

Every person who knows about SEO knows how important it is to study your analytics so that you know what you need to change and improve to get ahead of the competition.

SEO is one of the most important skills that IMers and webmasters can have because, when applied correctly, it can help you raise your rankings in the search engines and keep them high.

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