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Local Search Marketing Tips

By Therese Goodwint

Business have been taking advantage of online local search marketing recently in their pursuit of increasing business. In this article, we will show you 10 specific ways to get your business to outperform competition and stay successful.

Look at Your Local Directories

Local search optimization, like any solid search engine optimization strategy plan, requires a bit of research. Perform a search query for your Business. Knowing where your business appears on directories is crucial, so this is the first step. Your business name is not the only thing you should look up during this search; plug in different variations of your address and phone number as well. Keep this information in your records by using a spreadsheet to document links and listings.

Third party data providers and local directories inform the search engines. Your business information is compared to the index kept by the bigger search engines using external data. Local directory data must be constantly updated to be sure that everything is always right and easily accessible. Search engines also use citations in their determinations of rankings, along with third party information. The NAP (name, address, and phone number) of businesses are what citations refer to, and how often these are mentioned online.

Google Places

Create your Google Places listing. Make sure you include as much information as possible. Make sure to keep all of your contact information correct, fill out your hours and description, and above all, make sure you have one or more categories selected. The categories are one of the biggest parts; as many categories as possible must be carefully chosen that match perfectly the business that you are promoting. For example, if you're an Italian restaurant, make sure to select both the "Italian restaurant" category as well as the "restaurant" category. This should then be accentuated by promoting the best of your business with exquisite photography of the products, (5 minimum) and of course an amazing cover photo.

Create Geo-specific Pages

When there is more than one location, be sure to create location pages showing them all. Your company could benefit from having a page dedicated to each of the locations that your business has on your website If you want to draw traffic in front a specific region then you need to ensure that you're using keywords that are specific to your targeting market as well as the regions you operate. Landing pages are helpful, that direct customers to the part of your business you are focusing on in the region.

There is no sense advertising in all parts of the world for your walk in business in your city, so be sure to go after the local customers on your website, this will make your SERPs more effective. Narrowing down your keywords and phrases to only local results will be beneficial because your site will end up ranking higher for your area, and the pages that are not relevant will be much lower, enabling you to be more easily found by customers.

Request Reviews of your Business

Your marketing strategy should include reviews from customers, as they are invaluable. These make a tremendous difference when it comes to the results from search rankings, so when you have a satisfied customer, it's a good idea to ask them to leave you a nice review. Make it clear that reviews are really important to you and that you are intently interested in that customer's opinion.

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