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SEO Competitive Analysis: Things to Carry out

By Vickie A. Watkins

Before starting off any SEO campaign it's important not only to try and do an effective keyword research to guarantee you are aiming for the suitable keywords that people actually use to do a search for your items or expert services.

It's also very important that you perform an SEO competitive analysis. By the process, you'll be ready to uncover the status of the keywords you happen to be aiming for if it is too competitive or not, and starting up with yet another keyword phrase may be a perfect option that you should do.

Before you could verify the competition of a keyword, there are a lot of things that you have to think of first. The quantity of competing sites that employs exactly the same keyword on their sites is among the earliest indications that a lot of individuals in the SEO field make use of.

If you're thinking how you may make it happen, the answer is very simple, you just have to type your keyword into Google search bar and also put quotation marks all over it and then you will see all sites that make use of the same keyword on their site. It's obvious that a low number of search results implies that there are a lesser amount of websites competing for that keyword.

Nevertheless this estimate only lets you know how many websites might be focusing on the same keywords, yet what it doesn't tell you is how well they've optimised their web site.

What counts most is the competition on the first page of Google. This is the perfect spot for generating money and that's where you can find the top rivals.

You could obtain good results even though you are not the best SEO on the planet. What's more important is that you try hard to get a lot better than the web site that is currently leading on the first page of Google for a particular key-phrase.

To go a step further with your competitive evaluation the next matter to check out would be your rivals backlink profile. Inbound links are among the most essential SEO factors that you really should think about.

Majestic-SEO or SEOMoz's OpenSiteExplore are several of the applications that you can use to be able to examine the back link profile of your rivals. By means of this, you'll evaluate which anchor text your competitors generally apply and this is important since you will then know what type of keywords they're edging on.

Always keep in mind that size matters. Big sites with plenty of indexed webpages will almost always beat the little guys.

You can do a site-search on Google to learn how many indexed pages that your competitor possesses. Google can provide the actual quantity of pages they actually have within their index for that particular domain once you type site:domain.com into the search tab.

In Perth SEO Company, we make things simpler for you since we use a program known as Market Samurai which is capable to do all the things which are mentioned above.

Additionally, the program will reveal to you the amount of websites that use the keyword within the title tag, within the anchor text along with the amount of other relevant SEO specifics such as the PageRank or the total amount of referring websites and even the value of a particular keyword in accordance with Google Adwords costs per click.

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