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Easy Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization Method

By Vernon Hogan

SEO can be a really pricey thing to invest in and possibly there are means to avoid working with professional services if you are in a really small localized particular niche. The "numbers" are the quantity and worth of links that are linking from other websites to you.

Social media links are generally pointless, even though Google Pluses are not bad. A link coming from a page with a high page rank is worth more than a link coming from a page with a low page rank.

The perfect link would be from an authority website, with great link popularity, high page rank and material which is relevant to your particular niche. When you want to go out and do your own White Hat search engine optimization campaign you will first need to select the websites and bloggers you want to target. For those who are not knowledgeable about SEO jargon "white hat" indicates "the tough and honest way". So essentially you would be doing the work yourself without making use of any particular software. Hand-picking websites can be rather time consuming but if you have lots of time and no capital, it's probably your only choice!

The first thing you can do is Google search websites that deal with related topics. Do not expect competitor websites to connect to you however sites that are in the exact same industry will be pertinent.

Following that you can send them an email; copy and paste a basic text however slip in a more personal note to let them see that you are an actual person and not an automatic message. , if they have a links page just inform them politely that you would like for them to link to you.. Offer to write a short article for them as long as you can add a back-link if they have a blog site roll.

If they don't have either of the two ask them if you can share something, like some online material, an e-book, e special report etc and then put the download link on your site. It might be an app, or something that will reduce their work load in some way. It mustn't be something they would use themselves however something their website users can utilize.

Search engine optimization done this way has the added benefit of promoting your company with possible consumers and so the time and effort spent has double ROI. An SEO company will create thousands of back-links for you, which is true, however they will have back-links mostly from generic article directory sites and those articles will not generate traffic for your site. Instead if you actually have a back-link placed on a topic related internet site, it will not only help you with SEO but possibly likewise drive traffic.

The internet is all about networking after all, and behind computers and sites you will find individuals like you. Expecting people to do things just out of kindness is not sound business logic but offering them a little individual benefit will be excellent for all parties involved.

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