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Search Engine Optimization - What It Is And What It Does

By Roseanne Cay

The Word Wide Web is undeniably quickly becoming the most influential media platform today. It is where people go to get information faster, hang out with other people through fresh forms of social interaction, get their entertainment fix more conveniently, and reach out to other people on a worldwide scale. This is why a growing number of businesses turns to the Word Wide Web. It can give them an extended clients. But with the numerous other websites competing for attention online, it would be hard for one to get noticed by its intended clients. If you potential market to see your website, you would require a good SEO for that.

To simplify, Search Engine Optimization is a practice that gives websites more visibility online without the need for a pay per click or PPC. When a relevant key phrase is entered on search engines like Google and Yahoo, the website will turn up in the search result. This is essential because ranking competitions on the Internet is stiff. Hundreds of thousands of websites vie for a spot on the 1st pages of the search result. If your website doesn't appear on the first few pages of a search result, chances are people wouldn't even know that it exists.

Online surfers who are specifically searching for something but don't have any particular web page in mind rely heavily on search engines. If our website lands a spot on the first page of a search result, it would easily be seen by online surfers. That means that when they enter a specific keyword in a search engine and your web page happens to have the details they need, then there's a big chance that they will click on your web page if it's one of the first web pages that they see. This is what SEO does. Search engine optimising your site can help it land on the top page results.

It's not just about having the right key terms, though. In order for your web page to land on top of result pages, it also needs to be popular, with plenty of people regularly visiting it. The website should have high traffic to rank high in search engines, which is a bit of a conundrum since it needs to rank high to draw high traffic. This is where a good SEO company can step in and solve the equation.

Be warned that there's such a thing as poor optimisation practice, which could worsen your website's ranking instead of improving it. And unfortunately, there are SEO Singapore companies that practice it, making their clients' search engine ranking suffer. So if you need effective SEO application to boost your website's ranking, pick a reputable SEO consulting firm that has delivered many successful results for their clients.

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