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Do The Large Companies Use Twitter

By Arthur Hudson

How come the Giants in the Industry use Twitter to Market?

The answer to the question is simple. They want to interact with their clients and customers to get their thoughts and opinions about how they are doing business.

Anyone can get on the internet and investigate nd find out about any large company but their websites do not allow you to voice your true feelings. Believe it or not they want your opinions whether it is what they want to hear or not.

Look at Starbucks they use twitter as a platform to talk about where and what they are doing. Starbucks will tweet a lot of different things like coupons, giveaways, and even if a new location is opening. They do this to keep their customers captive.

There are airlines that uses twitter to stay in contact with there customers telling them about the days travel like when they are going to takeoff and land.

They will tell you who will have the responsibility when you are prepared to fly.

Twitter is a two way street and some passengers will ask for a specific crew because they are most comfortable with them.

There are Cable companies that uses Twitter to market themselves.

They actually have an individual image instead of just their organization logo on their Tweets content web page. Comcast is one of the biggest cable companies in the U.S. and they want to keep touching their clients.

Now there are some automotive giants like Honda that tweets in response to there customers and answer the questions or concerns that they may have about the vehicles the customers may have purchased.

Whole Foods is a major food chain that tweets to stay connected to tens of thousands of individuals

They want their clients and prospective clients to know what they are offering. Many new foods come in the areas and they are approved to participate in their activities.

This may be hard for you to digest but H & R Block is on Twitter. Why would they? This is simple they use Twitter as a tax question forum for any tax issue.

Remember Southwest airlines downfall when they had some bad publicity about a customer being so over weight they he was refused to fly. Others may say that it really was not bad media but a way to increase the price of seating.

This was all done with Tweets and it was an excellent promotion. Using Twitter individuals can now discover excellent bargains.

From the best Chinese restaurant to the greatest shopping malls in town. Traveling Agencies tweet to the customers the best deals on the best money saving tips and the best time to takeoff. This method is a valuable tool to have if you have to travel a lot especially for business. Now before the landing gear touchdown you will have a solid grasp on your itinerary.

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