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Top 5 Free Ways to Generate Twitter Traffic

By Simmon Howes

One of the top social networks online, Twitter is a hub of celebrity and non-celebrity banter, conversation, debate and fun. Nevertheless if you want to drive traffic for your site or blog, there are a few things that you have got to make sure that you do so as to draw in traffic organically and without having to spend any cash.

1) Improve Your Profile

Anybody can sign up to Twitter and browse other individual's tweets, but if you don't put the effort into developing your own profile, you'll automatically put off potential fans. To get more fans you want to demonstrate to them that you're there to socialise. To try this, you need to add a picture of yourself (or at the very least use your company logo if you are there for business purposes) and then take the time to write a bio. You don't have to write pages for your bio, just one or two sentences on who you are and what you do will be enough to let somebody know whether you're sensible to follow or not.

2) Follow Rivals

To draw in a similar audience, find the people on Twitter that do a similar job to you but have thousands of supporters. These people followed that expert for their data and expertise so by following them you can approach a totally new range of consumers. Not only will you be able to pick up tips from them, you may also be well placed to get more fans if you comment on their tweets and have a solid input on what they have to say.

3) Always Add Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your tweets will allow other Twitter users to see your posts when they go searching for important subjects. Think of hashtags as keywords - if they have relevancy to other member's searches, they'll be capable of finding your profile much more easily. You may use hashtags to comment on the remainder of your post to add gravitas or to entertain!

4) Link to Twitter thru Your Blog

On your blog, you can add social media icons so that individuals that enjoy your blog can follow you on Twitter. This is a way of drawing people in who already subscribe to your blog but giving them more of an opportunity to interact with you via Twitter. Ensure that you place these icons where they can be seen on your blog or site to extend the chances of people clicking through to your Twitter profile.

5) Follow Your Proponents

A great way to get more followers for free is to follow the people that follow you! It's respectful first off, but 2nd of all it's a great way to get more people to see your tweets. You can even initiate the "following" first to prompt people to follow you. Every once in a while, you must review your following list and if the people you are following are not following you back, you can remove them from your list.

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