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How To Find Long Tail Keywords And Basically Rank On The Search Engines

By Cathy Stihun

Asking how to find long tail keywords?

You may currently know somewhat about ranking on the search engine. Or it's possible you recently discovered this concept...

Either way, you will understand here how to find long tail keywords within the niche you might be marketing. I'll discuss 2 tools to do this, one free and 1 that you need to buy. With this 2 tools, you are able to easily discover those keywords.

How to find long tail keywords - Definition

For starters I want to be certain that you truly acknowledge the notion of long tail keywords and why you should get hold of them.

As you currently know, there is a ridiculous competition on the internet. With 7 billion users, the search engines like Google supply only ten spots. Do not get me wrong, there is certainly plenty of space on Google results but you don't like to be on the second page. 80% of men and women examine the first three spots on Google.

So the concept is always to find keywords that do not have a crazy competition so that it is possible to rank more simply. You'll receive less traffic per post but should you do rank on the top spot for ten articless, this is certainly worth to think about.

Now that we look at the theory about how to find long tail keywords...

How to find long tail keywords - The tools

You cannot guess with regards to keywords. Even more long tail keywords... So the two tools which I use are Google keyword tool and Market Samurai.

You may be familiar with Google keyword tool that is a free tool to determine the competition and precise keyword. When you search for a keyword, be certain that the "Exact" match box is ticked in and that you are logged in to get far more results. You just need to choose then.

I do personally utilize the keywords related to the one I picked inside the Tags section for more results.

If you definitely would like to rank for 1 keyword, prepare lots of unique articles... as much as you possibly can and promote heavily.

The other tool that I use is Market Samurai, that is a software which you can buy for $97 one time. This tool is for those of you who choose to rank on the first spot on Google. What this program does is to indicate the position of a website you choose for any specific keyword.

For instance, in case you choose to figure out how Youtube videos rank, enter the website inside the tool and it's going to display the position. You could do it manually but the handy feature is that you can automate this and do it for a lot of keywords at the same time.

Once you discover a site within the top ten, you are able to basically submit your content to rank to this specific website.

The point is: whilst you select a long tail keyword, you're not sure you are gonna rank. There might be a website with more authority...

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