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Internet Marketing & The Use Of Messaging Stickers

By Rob Sutter

TechCrunch recently caught my attention because of an article that was written regarding Facebook's private messaging systems. Basically, there would be a slew of stickers that would be added in order to give messages a bit more flare. I think that, on the surface, they could be charming but how many people would utilize them in the future? It's hard to say at such an early point but I'd like to think that Internet marketing experts could lend their opinions as far as this subject goes.

You would be mistaken if you were to think that these stickers are some kind of new invention. Keep in mind that Yahoo! Messenger has had these in place a couple of years ago and actually had ones which were audible. Facebook seems to be emulating the idea, with a number of sticker packs being free upon arrival. However, considering that only a number of them will come without any cost, one has to wonder if these will be able to sustain themselves over the course of time.

Facebook has always been a website that's been proud of being free of charge, which is why so many people have signed up for it in the first place. It's easily accessible and it's safe to say it wouldn't have reached that level of success otherwise. However, payments have been coming in small ways so far, especially with web games slowly gaining ground. It's tough to say but it's apparent that these stickers are going to function in similar ways, which is why I don't think everyone will take to them.

In terms of the audience which these stickers can appeal to, I think that you have to look to a younger crowd. Children, in particular, will probably take to these since they have nonthreatening as well as cute aesthetics to them. Parents may purchase these packs for them, which may be something that those within Internet marketing will observe. Companies like fishbat will definitely keep a watch on just how this piece of news will unfold and I think that it could bring about interesting findings.

The future is somewhat cloudy as far as these web stickers go but I think that you can say the same for any upcoming entity. It's clear that these will be able to attract certain individuals but it'd be wrong to assume that everyone will be able to enjoy them the same. However, those in Internet marketing have to be able to see the benefits these stickers can have. Especially for a younger audience, these could be fun for the sake of novelty, at least.

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