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Help In Selecting The Right Keywords For Search Engine Optimization

By Nereida Spinella

You know that all of the search engines are looking at your keywords to decide where, or if, your website gets listed on the results page. You also know that selecting the right keywords for search engine optimization is of paramount importance. The planning for this is the start to getting you on the right track for discovery by these engine spider bots.

You should be well informed about what you are promoting. In other words, the subject of the website and the niche it represents needs to be well formed in your mind. Knowing that, looking for the right key words should be a lot easier. This should be accomplished before starting any search for keywords as many of them will present themselves to you during this time.

Start with the identifying words that come to mind quite easily. If your website is about dogs, start with those. Dog, dogs, breeds of dogs will all be good ones in a general way. You will branch out in different directions as you go along.

Using a good keyword research tool will help expand this list into do it yourself pools, Ph testing, corrosion prevention and other terms that will help round out the subject. Then think about what you would enter into the engine if you were looking to find the website you are building.

The Google changes have resulted in that search engine looking at long tailed keywords in a better light than they did before. That means that some of the best key words are actually keyword phrases of more than a few words. That opens a lot of options for you.

Some of the Gurus tell you that you should go wide with the selection of keywords and then go deep. Others will tell you it is just the opposite. Regardless of which direction you go, check any and all words in the engines to see what kind of results are given. Check some of those websites and see what they are doing with each keyword.

You might end up with a set of key words or phrases that you did not even imagine when you started out. This trip into selecting the right keywords for search engine optimization can be a lot of work. It can also be a fun journey for exploring ways of communicating and just how the Internet works.

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