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The Best Ways To Respond To News By A Social Media Firm

By Rob Sutter

When a tremendous story breaks out in the news, it shouldn't be any secret that people are going to leave their opinions on the matter. Networking platforms are some of the greatest, since you will be able to log in and possibly see your friends comment on the matter. Businesses seem to do the same thing but I can't help but notice that there is a few which don't utilize them the best that they can. A social media firm can tell you all about what is or isn't allowed.

A week ago, I read a story on Buzzfeed that talked about the kinds of mistakes that companies have made in light of news that was recent at the time. For example, back in 2011 there were protests in Egypt that made the news. Kenneth Cole took to Twitter and while it would have been simple enough to just comment on the story, the post added a plug to its spring collection online. To say the least, it was a tactless use of a platform that some businesses can stand to utilize better.

A similar case came about after the Newtown shootings and Kmart took to Twitter in order to comment. At the end of the Tweet sending thoughts and prayers, there was a hashtag which may take just about anyone by surprise. It was one that said #Fab15Toys, no doubt talking about one of the holiday selections at the time. Between this and Kenneth Cole, it seems like there are a few companies taking to networking for the sake of promotion, going to new lows in order to do so.

When it comes to keeping such matters separate, I believe a social media firm can tell you all about it. It should be a given that commenting on tragic stories should stay separate from business practices, a matter of thinking supported by agencies along the lines of fishbat. Companies shouldn't have to struggle with this kind of practice, either. It's rather easy to follow through with this and I believe that it will only help business in the long run since the lack of genuineness will not be seen.

In fact, I would recommend that any company which has troubles in this regard can utilize a social media firm. They may not know just how to go about effective reputation management and this is just one layer to consider. There are others and this kind of firm understands just how many services to present to the masses as well. Companies have to understand how to address certain stories and perhaps leaving matters in the hands of an authority is for the best.

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