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An Internet Marketing Company Relating To Night Of Champions

By Robert Sutter

"Night of Champions" aired this past Sunday and it was a show that a number of wrestling fans tuned into. It's the one show where fans can be certain that every single title is going to be on the line. It's a strong concept, to say the least, but I have to wonder whether or not WWE could have done more to help the matter. Maybe an Internet marketing company, for example, could have helped in order to make this pay-per-view event a much more effective show in general.

I believe one of the things that frustrated me about the show was the series of interactive polls that WWE displayed throughout the night. Basically, fans had to vote on who they believed were the greatest WWE Champion, greatest United States Champion, and so forth with five different choices for each. However, the problem is that this doesn't exactly give the fans a great amount of selection. Being limited does not exactly give the impression that they have the choice.

There are many different networking platforms to take into account, so why doesn't WWE utilize those instead? It seems like Twitter could have been the perfect option, in my mind. It doesn't lock fans into a certain set of choices that they may not like, as they are then able to choose who they believe to be the best individuals for every poll. Why should they have to be short on options because WWE wants to keep matters as locked as possible at the expense of true selection?

If any authority could come into effect to make this better, it would have to be an Internet marketing company. In my eyes, firms like fishbat are able to see just how important choices are and how they play into fan interaction overall all. Fans want to be able to have as much selection as possible so that they can be certain they aren't confined to just a couple of ideas. This, to me, has the potential to be a much more effective model than any other in the past.

WWE may be known for its cases of revisionist history but I cannot help but feel as though their choices are a tad confusing. Why shouldn't fans have more options when it comes to these polls? In fact, why should individuals have to be locked to particular choices at all? As I alluded to earlier, I feel as though Twitter would be the absolute best platform for WWE to conduct its polls within because it just seems like there's more of an opportunity for interaction here than any other platform.

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