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The Best DIY SEO You Can Undertake

By Doris Rivas

The work that you do on all of your websites will go to waste if you are not doing a proper job of SEO. That is the Search Engine Optimization that is necessary to get the spider bots the search engines use to love your site a little more. You can pay several very good companies to do this, however, DIY SEO is a great way to understand what is going on and it is actually a lot of fun.

Most people you talk to will say that the SEO you perform on your website is important. It will be noted that the actions done off site is equally so. These comprise the two main types of SEO and must be utilized in a balanced way to get the traffic and sales or sign ups you are looking for.

The best place to start is with the domain name. It should be something that is as closely related to the industry or product name as possible. It should have one of the main keywords in it and should also be on a . Com, . Info or . Net TD. It must also be as short as possible and memorable.

Writing the copy for your website is important. There should be plenty of it and it should be grammatically correct as well as spelled properly. Keywords, LSI, or secondary keywords need to be written into all segments of the page. DIY SEO means that you need to do the things that spider bots love to see.

There are a number of other issues. The title, in the source code, needs to duplicate the domain name as much as possible. The META tags need to point out what is important to the spider bots so they will have a better time reading your copy. Header one and header two tags are a must as they not only help the bots, they also help people read the material the way you need them to.

The SEO work that is done off page will be just as important. You need to get the attention of people that might be interested in your offering. You can do this by writing articles and getting them posted in article directories or on other websites related to your industry. By doing this, you are creating back links. These links point back to your main website. These back links can also be established by posting on classified ads pages.

Posting comments and helpful tips or hints about your field on forums or blogs will also generate those back links. You can even begin some of the threads on the forums or begin a new blog. This will have all of those important tips so that many back links can be put in place simply by having a little fun writing for the enjoyment of the reader.

The DIY SEO that has been listed, as well as many more specific things that can be done depending on your market, can be fun and easy to learn. The first page of the search engine results page is where you need to be and by doing this, that is where you can end up. Being the right place, at the right time is what will generate the sign ups and sales you are in business to get.

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