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Marketing On Facebook? Try The Perfect Audience Platform Re-Targeting Solutions

By Ismail Abraham

If you're wondering about the Perfect Audience platform, it's a company that product feeds creation software to mid-level marketers. The company first launched in 2012 but back then it was made exclusively for websites. The company just launched its product feeds creator for Facebook and it's bound to change the way online marketer do business on the social media site.

In order to appreciate, the power of a product feeds creator, let us first discuss what a product feed is. A product feed is a link which you can put on a web page in order to show the current price and stock of a particular product. With a product feed, you only need to update the product feed once and all the websites or, in this case, Facebook pages and apps where you inserted your product feed will automatically update.

When it first launched, the company's product was being used to get 300,000 on the market. Right now it is being used to promote 800,000 retail products. One of the most powerful features of the Perfect Audience platform marketing tool is its ad creator, which allows marketers to enter bytes of dynamic content like product name and price into their ad copy.

The new version of the product lets you segment your visitors based pages they already viewed, their location, and the time of day they looked at your ads. You can also prevent certain audiences from viewing your ads, like the people who already bought certain products.

In order to use the Perfect Audience platform, you need to have a Google Merchants account in order to create product feeds. It then crawls the product feeds of different merchants and reflect any changes in the price as well as inventory. The best way to know how this product actually works on Facebook is by buying the product and practicing with it until you're comfortable with it.

The company just launched the beta version of their Twitter version. The Twitter version allows online marketers to upload the data from their own CRM systems. This solution is available to online marketers who have at least 10,000 unique every month. You can get it for a flat monthly fee of $50. For those who are marketing on Twitter, the Perfect Audience platform recently released a Twitter version in beta mode.

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