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Nintendo-Placed Video Ads & Results Of Social Media Networking

By Rob Sutter

There's a great level of enjoyment that is seen in video games but is it possible that people will have more fun if they record everything? These types of videos are common on the Internet, often given the title, "Let's Play." Basically, people can record what they play and will speak over the footage, usually being informative if there is no comedy to be had. Nintendo has taken notice of this lately and it seems like the company's actions will play into the social media networking that the gaming mogul has.

Online marketing is something that holds a great deal of weight, potentially more than people give it credit for. It's recently been reported that Nintendo has decided to place ads on videos which utilize footage from their published and developed games. These can include anything from Let's Play videos to those made strictly for educational purposes. For those who make money off of the videos, I can see this as both a positive and a negative change that can impact the effectiveness of such videos.

On the one hand, this encourages users to be more original when it comes to their work. In this regard, it's possible that there could be a jump in quality, but the chances of this happening is, in my eyes at least, very slim. It could also be something that ultimately hurts Nintendo because, for so long, these Let's Play videos have served as free advertisement for the company. Gamers who were hesitant to purchase the products had another opinion, so who's to say such an option will fade because of Nintendo's interference?

After the news came to the surface, there was a bit of an outcry from fans. The responses were surprisingly mixed, though, as many YouTubers thought that their favorite channels may be compromised because of this. However, others felt like these various users shouldn't gain revenue from someone else's work, the video games in this case; would social media networking be impacted in the long run? It's a bit of news that agencies on the matter, fishbat included, will most likely keep a close eye on.

As someone who follows a select few Let's Play channels, I can tell you just how much work goes into them. It's not just a matter of talking over the games that you play; there is a great deal of editing that is seen with many of them and I think that they deserve the fans that they have gained. What happens if Nintendo takes hold of all of the videos with their games, citing ownership? I fear if the ones I enjoy take it upon themselves to fade to other sites.

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