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How Can Social Media Networking Assist Total Divas?

By Rob Sutter

When you're a fan of professional wrestling, it's not uncommon for you to hear about how "fake" it all is. I've received quite a bit of this during my time as a fan and I've oftentimes offered the rebuttal that reality TV can be considered just as legitimate a form of entertainment, if not a little less so. With the premiere of "Total Divas" having aired rather recently, is it possible that the wrong audience is being targeted? This is where I feel as though social media networking can come in.

Fans of E! have probably heard of "Total Divas" before but for those who have not, I'll give you a summary. Basically, the show follows around a group of seven females, five who have been in the company for quite a few years and two who are just getting their starts in WWE. You get a glimpse into their lives, not only as performers in the ring but individuals outside of it. It's something else to see these females interact with their boyfriends and fiancs, many of them contracted by WWE.

On the one hand, I can understand why wrestling fans despise this show and I have to agree with them for a number of reasons. For one, it almost seems to cast these females in such a negative light when you know that this isn't how they act in real life. For example, Natalya - who's been wrestling for several years even before her WWE debut in 2008 - has been portrayed as a weak, oftentimes paranoid personality since other girls may swoop in to take her spot. As a fan of wrestling itself, you have to sit back and wonder "why?"

Even though there is a great deal of negativity to be seen, those in social media networking can probably make the assumption that the audience targeted was not the right there. This kind of networking is important for firms along the lines of fishbat and is regarded as a prime way of staying in contact with others. Talking about the reality show itself, though, many elements of "Total Divas" can potentially draw fans in, from drama to romance. More than any other, the general reality show crowd is the focus.

I am all for the females of WWE finding a greater audience but the fact that this reality show has been made for that general purpose is not something that I agree with. You have to keep in mind that WWE is not exactly short on television time these days, especially when you consider that RAW is three hours long each week. Wouldn't it make more sense for the Divas to gain time through that platform? Even so, "Total Divas" is the direction WWE is going to with, no matter what.

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