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"WWE2K14" & The Subject Of Online Marketing

By Rob Sutter

I believe that there is so much hype when it comes to "WWE2K14," though you can probably say this about any other wrestling game in the past. This one seems to possess a different air, though, including the fact that 2K is going to be at the publishing helm, considering THQ had gone into bankruptcy. Gamers are going to approach this game, expecting certain things out of it. Is it possible that online marketing could draw even more fans toward it, therefore further increasing the install base?

Yukes is still going to be control of the game's actual development but I think that there's been more attention given to fan demands now more than ever before. For those who have played such games in the past, you probably have heard about numerous characters being demanded, Ultimate Warrior being one of them. While a legend in the business, to say that he's been at odds with WWE recently would be an understatement. Such a dream seemed unlikely to become realized, you could imagine.

Warrior has recently been announced for the game, albeit as a preorder bonus. Nonetheless, it goes to show just how much the wrestling crowd has remembered him and I'm sure most were intrigued by seeing Warrior, in this day and age, showing up in a trailer for the game. He spoke in that same fashion that made him such an enigma during the late 80's and even after. It goes without saying that those who put down the money are going to have much to look forward to.

Many ideas truly struck me as interesting but what managed to do so more than anything else was how they unveiled the Ultimate Warrior in a showing of online marketing. On Facebook, people who liked the WWE Games page saw that many images were posted, each one depicting a certain part of a wrestler. We were shown an Ultimate Warrior bicep as well as his hair but there was always that lingering doubt. It was able to keep the user base engaged and it's the kind of goal firms like fishbat strive towards.

"WWE2K14" has been nothing short of excellent as far as its advertising is concerned and I think that this was a great way to get fans even more engaged. It's clear that announcing a fan favorite is always going to get a reaction, more preferably a favorable one. It's hard to say, though, whether or not this particular title is going to be able to make strides in terms of sales. Hopefully it will, judging by how much attention this title has gained thus far.

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