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SEO Competitive Analysis: Guidelines & Tools

By Beth A. Walton

If you're preparing to start any sort of SEO marketing campaign, just be sure you don't just execute a proper keyword research to realize what are the proper keywords that persons essentially use to do a search for your products or services over the internet.

But also make sure you perform an SEO competitive analysis. This will give another good signal if the keywords you are focusing on may be of low competition or very competitive and starting with another keyword phrase may be a better choice for you.

Just before you could assess the competitiveness of a keyword, there certainly are a lot of points that you have to think of initially. Amongst the oldest indicators employed by SEO's worldwide is the number of competitive sites which have the actual keyword on their sites.

What you have to do is to type in your keyword into the search bar of Google and put quotation marks all over it and you will then be presented with a listing of sites which have this exact keyword on their website. Naturally, whenever you see a few quantity of search results, then it just signifies that the keywords you are concentrating on could be of low levels of competition.

Even so this measure only tells you how many sites might be aiming for the same keywords, but what it doesn't inform you of is how well they have optimised their website.

The most significant thing is the competition on the very first page of Google. That's where the cash is produced and that's exactly where you'll find the top rivals.

You shouldn't be the very best SEO on the planet to get some good results. What you must do is to try your best to outrun the site that presently ranks number one for your preferred key-phrase.

Subsequently, you need to look into your competitors backlink profile. You should look at the backlinks as they serve as the number one SEO factor.

Majestic-SEO or SEOMoz's OpenSiteExplore are several of the tools which you can use so as to check out the backlink account of your rivals. In that way, you will notice what anchor text your competitors apply and this can also be a fantastic indication on what type of keywords they are working on.

Always bear in mind that size makes a difference. Small groups will be crowded out by large sites with so many indexed pages.

To discover how many web pages your competitor has indexed by Google just do a site-search on Google. Google will provide you with the exact number of pages they actually have in their index for the particular domain if you type site:domain.com to the search tab.

The ideal thing with regards to Perth SEO Company is that we utilize a software named Market Samurai for making things that are mentioned above simpler and feasible for you.

Market Samurai will even present to you the value of a certain keyword in accordance with Google Adwords costs per click, the quantity of sites that use the keyword within the title tag, in the anchor text as well as a quantity of other related SEO facts such as the PageRank or the total number of referring websites.

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