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SEO to Accelerate your Results

By Walker Levi Percy

Traditional marketing and search engine marketing, often referred to as search engine optimization, are very similar regarding competition and business goals. You are competing for space - valuable space. How much is that worth? The volume of monthly searches and the typical conversions for those keywords will give a more accurate picture of the true value.

Dinosaur Marketing and SEM

There is a significant difference between the potential customer in traditional marketing compared with search marketing. At the heart of the difference is motivation, as well as their place in the buying cycle. SEM allows one to measure and calculate costs and return on investment at a level that is not possible in traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing has become, to coin a popular phrase, interruption marketing. You sit down and watch a television show and a commercial comes on. Your focus is on the program you selected and now, if you have not skipped through the commercial on your pvr, you have to sit through something you did not want or ask to view. The advertiser or company selling their product, is hoping they throw a wide enough net out, make their ad interesting enough so that you aren't annoyed, that they have 30 seconds to create enough interest so that you'll remember them after you return to your show. So their ultimate hope is that you'll select them when you are actually in a position of desire and opportunity to buy.

With search marketing, customers are actively engaged in seeking your products and services. They are either in the research stage, or they are in the final stages of making their purchase decision and may even have their credit in hand at their computer or smartphone. In either case, they are much further along in the buying cycle than the consumer who was earlier targeted by a tv ad. When they enter your site, through your keyword search term, you can track their behaviour and determine what they viewed on your page, how long they spent there, whether or not they took the action you asked them to take on that page.

Proper Keyword Research is Vital

Keyword research is always the linchpin in any campaign to build traffic. By picking the wrong keywords, you can find yourself working extremely hard and not having anything significant to show for your efforts. You may be showing up number one for "banana lollipop making ideas" but if this search term is, for all practical purposes, never actually searched, then you are in for some disappointment. Proper keyword research takes time and is absolutely enhanced when there is a wealth of experiential knowledge on what it takes to rank in a specific category and the time required for that to happen. It also takes a keen eye to step back and have a birds-eye perspective of your overall strategy and how to implement and execute that strategy.

How do you pick which keywords to focus on? Tackling the most competitive terms could yield long term results, but without the experience to refer to, you may be flying in the dark for a very long time. In other words, you won't really have any data to give you feedback on whether your efforts are paying off or not.

If you do decide to tackle the big tough keywords at the beginning, make sure that you have some less competitive words in your basket so you can get a sense of what is working and what is not working much faster. That is the risk you take when you have not managed hundreds of campaigns or seen movement, both positive and negative, on thousands of keywords. Gaining the proper perspective to evaluate what is working and what needs changing can be costly if you have not run a large volume search marketing campaigns in the past.

All of this can lead one to give up on the effort. Or alternatively, to seek out a strong partner to manage their search engine optimization campaigns.

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