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The Best Ways to Use Your Blog in Your SEO Strategy

By Sue Barnes

Blogs are one of the most popular ways of reaching out to new customers and creating traffic, but can be sometimes left out of a lot of business's SEO (Search Website optimization) methods. But the power of the blog means that it's a great channel for generating more interest for your brand and with some luck creating sales as well. Using cheap SEO services to make a great blog for you is one method of maximising your popularity and making more avenues to your website.

1. Name Footage

Rather than giving your images stock names or even worse "default" names, you can name them specifically to explain what they are so that when a web user enters their search phrase, Google can scan your page and see that your blog is filled with truly applicable content.

2. Write SEO Friendly Content

High quality, nicely written, original text is the best way of captivating visitors, subscribers, and also making search websites trust you. Using inexpensive SEO services to find express keywords is naturally important, however it is just as vital to write high quality content that people will truly want to read. The more visitors you can attract to your blog with your original content, the more likely you are to gain more traffic to your site and make an increased amount of sales.

3. Use Keywords

Your titles and the remainder of your content all have to contain your keywords so that search websites know that your page is relevant to a web user's search term. Be precise with your titles and subtitles and always confirm each page of your blog has a clear title. If you utilise a widget to display previous blog entries as well , it is worth using keywords in your other article titles so that this comes up in the search also.

4. Link to Social Media and Web site

The great thing about a blog is that it has a awfully casual format, and even if it is a company blog you can still use it to link yourself to affiliate sites and profile. You could have Facebook fan pages, a Twitter account, YouTube videos, Tumblr pictures and many other links that you can mention on your blog. When you add these additional links, you may instantly appear much more trustworthy to your visitors. It also suggests that you are much more easily accessible which should encourage possible clients to get in contact with you.

5. Add Tags

Tags are a part of plenty of people's SEO method when it comes to their web site, but tags also should be used in your blog too. This is because of the fact that they are excellent for directing your web users to relevant content - ideally your own pages - this is about self-promotion after all). Tags within your content placed in a different color, in bold, or underlined is a way of making it stand out. Also remember that Meta tags are a great way of making your blog visible in search websites. When your title tags and meta tags show up in a search, web users are sure to click through.

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