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Compare BillboardTopper with AdWords

By Donald McDowel

This article describes common differences between Billboard Topper and Google AdWords technologies:

1. Google Adwords is Pay Per Click advertisement technology where you pay when someone clicks on your ad link. In some cases it's good, but when you choose right keyword for you, you suddenly discover that you are only one of buyers of keyword and in order to get click to your link you should pay up to 70$ per click (for some keywords). With Billboard Topper technology you only pay for owing keyword for full year and you, and only you will be shown as a result of search for your keyword.

2. In Google Adwords campaign you have to constantly compete with other companies and set higher price for your keywords than your competitors. Sometimes your ROI can be negative and you should be high professional to get positive results. With BillboardTopper you just need to set url for keyword and get ready for getting traffic to your website.

3. Your advertisement budget can slightly vary in Google Adwords, depending on keywords and number of impressions that you choose. BillboardTopper has fixed flat price for any keywords that you choose. Only traffic will vary, so only thing that you have to worry is to choose right keywords for your business.

4. When someone searches for your keyword, Billboard Topper already displays your website in IFRAME so it means that people already can see your website, without clicking on ad link (not many people like clicking on ad links).

5. Last and not least difference: Google Adwords works only with Google Search Engine, when BillboardTopper works on All Major Search Engines, plus hundreds of other partner websites with search features!

After all comparisons you can decide which model is best for you. I'm Personally using both of them and getting very good results.

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