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This Unique Article Wizard Review Shows The Quality Of This Service

By Millard Feagin

While searching for ways to create the many back links that marketers need, a little consideration should be paid to the automated article submission systems. Looking at many of the review websites will take you to an interesting one. The many Unique Article Wizard review comments will vie for your attention. This system has many good people writing thoughtful comments that need to be considered.

The comments talk about the fact that it is a membership site. The need for a bit of a learning curve on the first article submitted was found to be well worth the effort. The system has a quick submit section and many helps. The statistical reports, available, include information about how many blogs your article is submitted to and how many have accepted it or them.

The need for this type of system is hailed, in many of the postings, because of the need for the back links this type of service provides. All marketers need to have these to allow interested people to come and visit their money page. These back links can be sent to all pages in the website to make the search engines think they are more valuable.

The way this system works is to send these articles out to popular blogs and allow the administrators to accept them. This allows the search engines to believe they are natural because of the way the anchor texts are modified in each submission. They are not simply blasted out to all sorts of websites and they are viewed as valuable and authoritative.

The material, carefully written and submitted by these members, will be sent primarily to blogs and not to social sites. They are sent in such a way as to ensure a different resource box is provided for each submission. This is set up by the member so they have a large measure of control over the process. The member can produce and store up to 2048 different resource boxes.

Only high quality blogs are targeted for the articles submitted through this system. They will not send to low visitor count blogs and they will only pick the ones that will bring the targeted traffic their members want. This is the only kind that will generate the most important organic traffic that people pay many more dollars for elsewhere.

The downside of his entire article submission service is that the reports do not tell the members where their articles are being submitted. This is done, they say, because they keep the system safe and spam free this way. The results all members get will tend to validate this contention. If they were not sending these articles out, there would be no increase in traffic and lose a lot of members. They have been in service for the last five years, so his is not been a big issue.

From all readings of the postings on the many sites dealing with a Unique Article Wizard review, all recommendations point to a resounding yes, get it. The back links are generated at a smaller cost and a lot less time than it would normally take. The quality of those links is greater than if I was done manually and the range of blogs makes this one of the best deals around.

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