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SEO: Does Still Work?

By Meagan Smith

Search engine optimization does not need to be confusing, yes the SEO game has changed a lot in the past 3 years. Things that used to work 5 years ago no longer work today. But you should never give up on SEO, the goal is to improve your SEO efforts as much as possible in a way that you are not affected by Google changes in the future.

However there are still a few things that still work today and most likely will not change, a good example is the use of sitemaps. Sitemaps have multiple purposes, for users it allows them to easily find content on your site and for the search engines it allows web crawlers to indexed new content much faster. Overall your site should have an updated sitemap and it is recommended that you submitted to Google's webmaster tools.

If you upgrade your website often, you will get more attention from search engine spiders. Write quality content that people will want to share. Interesting content will also draw return traffic, especially from people who have recommended the content to their friends which can also help you create social signals.

If you are planning to outsource your SEO then consider researching what type of linkbuilding and SEO methods they'll be using on your site. If possible ask for link reports so you can see where the backlinks are coming from and whether or not the service is valuable. You can also look for reviews of past clients using this service to learn about results and testimonials from people who used the service.

Right now quality and unique content is what most people are focusing on mainly because SEO has changed a lot and search engines no longer want duplicate, spammy content. If your content is good visitors will share your content and it will most likely receive more visitors and positive points from search engines like Google. Your SEO strategy needs to be applied by following the latest working methods and be ready to adapt to any future changes.

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