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How To Increase Online Presence With SEO

By Octavia Hertel

SEO Applies to Every Website

So, how do you get your site into that coveted position? There are a lot of factors involved in optimizing your site. First, you need to know which terms people are using to search for things like what you provide. There is a delicate balance between using these words and overusing them, so finding that balance is another important part of it. Keywords and content aren't all that's involved, though.

If the search engine bots can't read your site, they can't index it. Even though you've published a page, for example, it doesn't mean that it's publicly available. Because websites get built on the Internet, it's useful for people to prevent the bots from crawling their site until it's ready for the public. It isn't unusual for a site builder to forget to re-enable that functionality once the site is finished.

There are also things that can make it hard for search engines to catalog your content, even when they do have access to your site. If your site is built with sloppy code, it makes it hard for bots to catalog your content. Everything about your site has to be set up to make it easier for bots to see and catalog the information on it, including the code its made out of, the text that is displayed, and the metadata associated with things like page names and images.

It's possible that your site isn't ranking as well as it should because of one of these factors. Hiring an SEO company can help you figure out the best strategy to increase page rank. Running a successful website is about more than SEO, of course. If you're interested, you can also find companies that provide additional services, such as online reputation management or social media management.

For a lot of people, SEO may seem like an unnecessary expense. We want to believe that offering a good product should be sufficient for success. You shouldn't need to think about something like SEO to try to "game" the system. On the contrary, giving your site the best chance for success isn't dishonest or wrong at all.

Does page rank really matter, though? The short answer is, "Yes." Search engines are how we sift through the tons of data available to us. People even use search engines to find local businesses in huge numbers. For most people, if a site doesn't appear in the first few pages, it may as well not exist. If your site isn't among these, no one will see it, no matter how good it is.

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