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Could Social Media Networking Help NXT Prospects?

By Rob Sutter

As someone who's interested in seeing how professional wrestling is going to progress from this point, I am all for seeing the future of the business. When it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment, there is no better area to do this than NXT. It's the developmental territory for wrestlers to learn the ropes or simply become polished so that they will be primed for the main shows. In order to get their characters across better, could social media networking prove to be the useful method to take up?

YouTube can do wonders for people can I think that wrestling characters can benefit from it more than just about anyone else. Big E Langston is perhaps the greatest example that I can talk about because I think that most people would consider him to be a silent brute. However, he's constantly proven himself online as a man with an offbeat sense of humor, which is also visible through his Tweets. If Langston has the chance to showcase that humor more on the main shows, he'd be set.

I strongly believe in Kassius Ohno as a competitor, though who's to say that online marketing wouldn't be able to help him out? He is better known to people who follow the indies as Chris Hero, so it's clear that he has a fan base. One has to wonder, though, how he would be able to appeal to those who only stick to watching WWE. It's why I recommend Tweets and gaining followers because it will give him the chance to reach people and tell them more about him strictly from a wrestling standpoint.

I think that social media networking has the chance to help a number of female stars, since many of them stand out to be as effective performers. Paige is perhaps one of the best and I think you could pick up on this based on her quiet personality. While she's a fighter inside of the ring, wouldn't Twitter prove to be a great method of choice seeing as how the Tweets composed are, in most cases, to the point? I don't think that anyone can deny the usefulness of this method, firms the likes of fishbat in particular.

When it comes to the sense of growth seen through social media networking, I don't think anyone can deny just how robust such growth could be. There may be those who underestimate it, though, which isn't the best course of action. Many people utilize such platforms as Twitter and the amount of people there can become fans if you're able to appeal to them in certain ways. Simply the showcasing of a great sense of personality or telling interesting quips can make people become fans in time.

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