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Guide To Easy Search Engine Optimization Efforts

By Lucy O'neal

As a website owner, maximizing your visibility in results from searches is important. To do this, there are certain things to do. These efforts fall into a group called search engine optimization, or simply SEO. Optimizing your website not only raises your rankings with search engines, but it also increases traffic to your site which thereby also increases your potential sales.

By now, you know that keywords are extremely important. More specifically, keyword placement is vital. Your keywords should be found in all of your content, including your company information pages, articles, image captions, and URL addresses. Titles, title tags, and headers on pages should contain your keywords as well. Avoid using your keywords too frequently because this can actually hurt your rankings. Additionally, you should make sure you are doing an ample amount of keyword research. Higher rankings will not happen if your keywords are not being searched. You will need to use popular keywords to increase visibility. There are many different free and paid keyword tools you can use for help.

To increase visibility to individual pages on your site, you should have internal linking in place. These are links within your content that go to other pages in your site. Not only is it beneficial for directing readers to more information, but it is also a simple way to get picked up by engines. Do not go crazy with links. Instead, create links to archive sections occasionally and add links in content that only lead to something relevant. Similar to internal linking, external links are a good idea. Also called link sharing or link swapping, this process can be influential on rankings. You simply contact other website owners related to your niche and ask them to include one of your links on their site and in return you will do the same for them. Be cautious about which sites you choose. It should have a good reputation and SEO practices.

Content is another aspect of SEO that is important. Your content should be written for both your readers and the engines. You should add new content regularly but it should be beneficial for your readers as well. It should not be too long or too complicated to understand by your target audience. Think about having a blog added to your site too. RSS feeds and social media outlets can be helpful tools for you. Try signing up for Twitter and Facebook accounts with your company profile. It will give you the extra ability to get your name out there even more. RSS feeds added to website allow you to provide fresh stuff with minimal effort.

Search engine optimization does not have to be confusing or complicated. It can require a little bit more effort and time, however. You do have other options to help you along the way. Professional experts can get expensive, which is why many people try to do things on their own. It is possible to hire people only for specific tasks, such as keyword research or article and blog writing.

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